Monday, July 17, 2006

Making room for baby...

Well, to say the least becoming a mom has changed my life...for the better I am sure. I just haven't found our groove yet. Molly , and I are still taking lots of naps, and I don't manage to get showered too early. Our goal this week is to get her nursery back in order, as we still haven't put away the spare bed since my mom left. We have also gotten tons of new clothes that I have to sort through! Molly is already quite the fashion horse!

I was purusing through recipes so I could cook a decent dinner. We have been having quite a bit of take-out the last week. We finally did a bit of shopping, and restocked some of our pantry.

Molly is 5 weeks old now, and it is amazing how much she has changed in that time. She is quite the little girl. She already has both of us hooked, and wrapped around her little finger.

Time gets away so quickly these days...I better get going for now.
Hope all is well in your world.

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