Monday, August 27, 2007

Finding inner peace...

Finding your inner peace is something that doesn't always come so easily. Finding something that truly makes you happy can be hard too, especially if you have roadblocks along the way... Life is general to be exact.

I have found the last 3 years were really hard for me...trying to be happy where we were, and making the best of life in the big city. No matter how how hard I tried it just wasn't working for me knowing we had 5 acres of land in the beautiful BC interior. 5 acres that truly belonged to us. It wasn't a place that we rented, and were limited.
I have longed for a real place of our own for a very long time, and I felt we were never going to get there.

That is finally all changing, and with our move in the spring to Quesnel our dreams are starting to come true...slowly, but surely.

I still find it hard to get motivated to do anything in this rental we are in. Because it is the same thing as before when we were in the city. We have been working on the land, and it has been so refreshing for me. I love spending time there. It is so peaceful, and quiet. We have lots of trees, of which a good lot are Aspen. I love the Aspens. When the wind blows it makes their little leaves dance, and flutter, and it is so relaxing to me.
Yesterday, I gathered rocks for the driveway, and I was so happy to sit there, and create something that will be ours for as long as we are there. I told Greg that I can't wait for us to be out there full time. I long for the day that we can sit on our porch, and listen to the Aspen dance, and flutter in the breeze.

On a different note:
We had friends come up a week ago, and camp out at the land. It was a fun time. We cooked out there, and it was great. We have more friends coming up for the long weekend, and it will be nice to have them here. We are planning a trip to Barkerville, and it will be our first trip there since we arrived.
Well, I have to get busy, I have tons to do this week!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I am still here. :)

I have been extremely bad about posting on here. I have to admit I am spending most of my time on Facebook these days. It is very addicting!!!
Well, it is the start of August, and we are doing fine here in the our little part of Canada. The weather has been warm, but not as bad as it could be. We in fact have had cooler weather this week. It has been nice.

Greg is working hard at his job at West Fraser Mills. He likes it quite well. I am just busy being a stay at home mom. Molly is 14months old today. It is amazing how much she has changed in the last few months. She is walking, and growing like crazy. She is already so tall it seems. She outgrows her clothes lengthwise long before anything else. She is eating regular table food mostly, and loves all kinds of things. Greg even has her eating raw tomato, onion, and peppers. I still have her on a transition formula because she eats like a bird, so I feel it is necessary to give her that extra boost to get her daily supplement in.

We have been doing some projects around the land. Greg got a old used utility trailer at a moving sale, and took off the old wood. It was rotting, and the bolts were rusted. He sanded, and painted the frame, and replaced the plywood, and it looks awesome. It will come in handy to haul things back, and forth to the land. Greg has started some clearing of smaller trees, and underbrush on the front part of the property. We spent a few hours last weekend cutting trees, and trimming. It was nice to get my hands dirty. :) We had to get a sitter for Molly as it is not an ideal environment for a toddler just yet. I really enjoyed it since I haven't been able to really help much because of Molly. We plan on spending time out there tomorrow as well.

We are loving small town life, and enjoying the area. There seems to always be some kind of function going on in Quesnel. We are making friends, and making contacts. Greg is volunteering for the Lion's Club, and will join them this Fall. They don't meet in the Summer, though they still have functions, and activities they do during the Summer months. The Lions do wonderful work, and contribute so much to the community.

Molly, and I have been enjoying the Summer, taking walks, and spending time at the park. Most of the baby group functions stop for the Summer, so we will forward to the Fall when things start back up again.

We are still renting a townhouse in town for now. It is really convenient for me to be able to walk to where ever I need to go for now. That will definitely become an issue once we are on the land. It will be time to get a second car by then.

We have debated putting a trailer, or building a small dwelling until we can start the cordwood process. For now, we are going to stay in town. We are going to try our very best to build a shed on the property for storage. We are getting quite the collection of lawn equipment, and tools , and we just don't have the space here.

We are very much looking forward to some of our friends from the coast coming up at the end of the month for a visit. It will be nice to see them. It is quite the drive back down to Vancouver, so we haven't made the trip since we arrived in March. Greg will have to take a trip to get his passport soon. We will be traveling to Alabama in November to visit family, and friends, so he will definitely need it by then. He will also need it for work, because on occasion it may be necessary for him to travel to the U.S for work. West Fraser owns about 14 mills or more in the States.

I am desperate to fix up our bedroom, so that it is a nice place to relax, and spend time together. I would love to spend more time reading. We got the new Harry Potter, and Greg has already finished reading it. So, I had better get busy.

Anyhow, not much else to report around here....hopefully it won't be a month again before I post. :)
Here are some pictures we took working on the property: