Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve day visitors

After a month in the house , and after gazing out the kitchen window everyday in hopes of seeing some wild life....we finally had some visitors. What I thought was just one doe turned out to be 3! They weren't took scared, and I threw some apples out for them.

Happy New Year!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season's Greetings!

Well, Christmas Eve day is here, and Christmas Day is nearly here. We are spending a quiet holiday at home, and I can't be glad enough. The weather is frightful, and it is snowing, and I don't want to be the poor stranded travelers that are trying to get home for the holidays. We are looking forward to Molly's Christmas, as she is now 2 1/2 and she will be so fun tomorrow!
I can't wait to see her reactions to Santa's visit.

I wish you a very warm, safe, and memorable holiday whatever your beliefs.
Season's Greetings!

A little bit of history...

My mom sent me a package with a clock that my grandmother cross-stitched in the mid-sixties. My granddaddy framed it for her. It is now proudly hanging in my kitchen. It actually fits the color scheme quite well. So that is great. :) My grandmother, and granddaddy have been gone from this earth more than a decade, but a little piece of them is always with us.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Living in a Deep Freeze

Well, the past week, and a bit we have been in a deep freeze here in Quesnel. It is currently -30C/-22F this morning. That is some kind of bitter cold. It is life as usual though because you have to keep on keeping on. Where I am from, if it got this cold, everything would be shut down. Milk, and bread fly off the shelves at the smallest mention of snow. Here is it life as usual for the most part. We just bundle up , and go. Greg, and I had to bring in some more fire wood, and shovel a different path for our wheelbarrow yesterday, and by the time we were done we both looked like victims of the Titanic, or some frosted over explorers of Mount Everest. My breathe froze the hair surrounding my face, and Greg's goatee, and mustache was full of chunks of ice. I got a vision of what I would look like with white hair, and what I might look like in 15 yrs. I would have taken a picture, but didn't really want to bring the camera out in that kind of cold.

It is going to be this cold for at least the next week. It is amazing that it has to be at least -40C for a week or more to kill off that stupid pine beetle....they apparently make their own antifreeze from the pine sap.

Well, Christmas is nearly here, and we have just gotten our tree last night. I am going to decorate it today. We were going to just cut a tree off our land, but there is so much snow, and so cold that it is too brutal a task. So we purchased a cut tree from a guy that had been bundled up all day, and in the cold since 7:30a.m at the Walmart parking lot. Poor guy....the things people do to earn a living.

We are going furniture shopping today, and I hope to finish up the last of the unpacking in the kitchen today,and all I will lack is my craft room, and a couple of things in Molly's room.

We hope you have a safe, warm, happy, and peaceful holiday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Life in the Bush

Well, I guess you could say we live in the bush, there isn't even a street light near our place . So at night it is truly dark!! I remember the first night, that I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face until my eyes became adjusted to the dark. I get around ok now, and I think we sleep a lot better now because it is dark, and soooooo QUIET! No street noise, no show offs racing down the street, no sirens, no noisy drunks, just peace and quiet. It is heaven. The sun rises through my kitchen window and it is so beautiful. We haven't seen any big wild life yet, though I hope we see a moose at some point, definitely deer. I have seen a very large red headed woodpecker a few times.

I am slowly getting things sorted out with the unpacking and hope by this weekend I will have most of it done.

We don't have cable here, and opted not to get satellite. So we pick up one channel on the antenna, and that is E channel. Of all channels why the heck is it Entertainment tv? You would think it would at least be PBS. So Molly watches a lot of DVD's. I am getting sick of the same old ones, and I have got some ordered, and a friend is suppose to burn us some dvd's of 24 hrs of Treehouse TV. In the warmer months, we will be spending lots of time outside, so no need for the tv at all really....though Molly gets bored with playing sometimes , and wants to watch her "deedle d" as she calls them. :)

We have a gizmo we use through Telus to get our high speed internet over cell signals, and it is kind of pricey, but since the internet is my link to the outside world, it is important to us for personal stuff as well as business.

I have ordered a steel jeweler's block and hammer, and hope to learn to work with wire more, and explore my creativity.

So many plans ahead!


Monday, December 01, 2008

We are moved in finally!!!

Well, after 8 days of moving stuff from our old place to our house...we are officially MOVED! We are officially house owners!! :)
YEAH! You can't imagine how happy I am to finally after many many years to have a place of our own! I can hardly wait to get this place organized, but I am going to take it easy for a day, just to recoup from the move. I was never so glad to be done with that. There came a time when I just didn't have it in me to move another box or thing. I told Greg to help me move a reasonably sized box, just because I couldn't bring myself to pick it up. I was sooooo tired!!

It is all good now, and the house looks like a tornado hit it, but I hope not for long!

Winter has set up shop in Quesnel, though by this time last year we had lots of snow already, and it was freakin' cold!! So far it has only gotten down to -8C at night. It has been hovering around freezing for the high.

We are trying to get accustomed to a wood furnace, and oil wood or oil, no heat.
So far the furnace hates me, and I have difficulty getting a fire going, but usually get it going after fighting with it. I am loving the wood fire smell though, and since where I came from having a fire going was more for ambiance than warmth for the most part, I wonder if the romanticism will soon wear off every time I have to trek down to the basement to load the furnace with wood, or crawl under the deck to retrieve more wood when it is -30 outside. I think we will have to store more wood indoors. We do have a cool trapdoor in the basement we can bring the wood through though, and not have to bring it through the house.

I took Molly for a walk around the yard today, and down to where the two out buildings are....boy there is a lot of junk that we now own!
I guess come springtime we will be doing a lot of clean up.

We are on well water now, and that sure has been a blast from the past. The look, and the metallic smell of the water reminds me of my summers as a kid on Lake Martin. It has been interesting. I think we can get some kind of filter for that, but we are still learning. We have a water softener much to learn!

We are loving it here though....for the first time in a long time we can actually see the stars at night. It will be so cool this summer to sit outside at night, and stargaze. I will have to brush up on my constellations. I wish we were able to see an Aurora Borealis, but I don't think we are quite far enough north.

Well, I am looking forward to having a lot more to write about with having started a new chapter in my life. For so long, there wasn't much to write about. Interesting times ahead! :)


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dealing with grief,and getting on with life...

The last week has been a roller coaster of bittersweet emotions. It has only been a 8 days since my step dad succumbed to fatal injuries from a tragic tractor accident, and yet it seems like so long ago. We are finalizing the purchase of our very first home, and trying to gear up for a short move to the new house in a couple of weeks. I am trying to come to terms with my family's loss, and beginning a new chapter in my life all at the same time. It is a very confusing time.
I was in Walmart shopping, and they were playing Christmas music, and I became very sad, and began to cry. I am sad for my mom who lost the love of her life, and I am sad for myself, for losing my Daddy Jerry, I am sad for Molly for losing her granddaddy whom she is too young to remember. I am sad for LeAnn and Jay who have lost their dad, and for my whole family. It is so unfair. :(
I keep trying to remember that he is only away, until we can meet again.

If things couldn't be complicated enough, I am also planning on selling Christmas crafts that I have been making for the local Christmas markets coming up at the end of the month.

I am also scheduled to have a laproscopic procedure with cystectomy the 2nd of December. I will be looking forward to a calmer December, and hoping that aside from being away from my family at Christmas we will have a good holiday with Molly.

Here are some pictures of our new home

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life can be cruel, and unfair...

It is always hard to lose the ones you love. It is hard when it is expected, and it is even harder when it is not. My stepdad was fatally injured, and died over the weekend from a tractor accident. He was loading the three wheeled tractor onto a trailer to take to a tractor show. The tractor toppled over with him, and pinned him. They were not able to save him, and he died in my mom's arms. He was such a wonderful man.

It is not very easy to put into words how you feel about someone, and how do you summarize 21 years of memories? There are not enough words to describe the person Jerry was, or what he was to me.

I first met Jerry when I was 16 years old , and I believe it was he, and my mom's first or second date. They came by the place I worked so that my mom could introduce me to him. Being a skeptical, and very opinionated teenager, I wasn't sure what to think of this man sitting in a Mercedes Benz with a gold chain around his neck. I am sure that I was thinking, what on earth was my mother thinking? My first impressions of Jerry were definitely not the best, but over the last 21 years I grew to admire, and love him as if he were my own biological father.

The last 21 yrs are flooded with so many good , and wonderful memories, and I am happy to know that I can share those memories with my daughter. Molly will know through those memories what a wonderful man her granddaddy was, and still is.

Jerry wasn't just a father figure to me, he was also my friend, and he played a huge part in the woman I became. I will be forever grateful for his guidance, his immeasurable advice, his support, and for his love. He is, and always will be my Daddy Jerry. I love you, and I will miss you.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Huge change in plans!!!!!

Been super busy in the house of Webster. I have been getting ready for the Christmas Fairs the last few weeks, been sick, and been a traveling....then
the last week has been a whirlwind of activity! We came up on a wonderful offer very suddenly, and we are going to BUY A HOUSE!!! I am so stoked about this. We sign the papers on Tuesday at the bank, and just waiting on the inspections which we are expecting to be just fine.... then in 1 month we close, and we will be house owners!!! The house is on 5 acres, so we will likely sell our other land, and the great part is that it is a 10 minute walk, and a 1 minute drive from the land we already have!!! More details once everything is in place. You can't imagine how happy I am about this! I have only been waiting a zillion years for a place of my/our own. We got a great deal, and we have slowly realized that building was going to be way more than we could afford. Details to come, stay tuned.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Graphic Designs

I have been wanting a really nice banner image for my new shop, and I was referred to a fellow Etsy member who does amazing work!!

She is Lyn Lloyd of LynLlloydDesigns

If you are in the market for a banner image for your etsy shop she is the person to get! She also does video editing. Lyn will make you a one of a kind custom banner! She understands how hard it is looking for that perfect design for your shop! So she will work on your banner until she get it
exactly how you want it.

So take a visit over to etsy to see what Lyn has to offer! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Making use of the land...

Fall has begun here in Quesnel, and thus the rosehips are ripe, and ready for the picking. Who knew that rosehips were really good for you?? Molly, and I went today, and picked most of an ice cream bucket full!! She is quite the rosehip picker helper :) I plan on drying them for tea.

The benefits of rosehips are fantastic, and our land is full of them! :)Rosehips have long been valued for its refrigerant and astringent properties. It is very well-known for its high concentration of Vitamin C. It has 20 times the amount of vitamin c than an orange.

The following are some of the health benefits of drinking rosehip tea:

*Rosehip tea is considered strengthening to the stomach;

*is useful in combating diarrhea;
*fights dysentery;
*is valued for its pectoral qualities that is good for coughs and spitting of blood;
*can be used to help treat distempers of the breast;
*can also help break the stone and to ease and help the colic.
*is good for fighting colds, and flu
*helps lower blood pressure
*helps lower cholesterol
*is an anti-inflammatory

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Etsy Shop

Friday, September 12, 2008

Gas Coupon

I got this in my in box today. :)

I didn't realise this but these coupons are good for
one litre of gas at most retailers. I have seen them
around lots but never knew what they were for.
You probably have one lying around somewhere now.
Make sure to use it before it expires!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where did the Summer go, and did it even show up?

Well, our Summer is gone here in the Cariboo for the most part, not that it really made a strong appearance. The leaves having been changing for a couple of weeks now, and Fall will be here in full swing very soon. This is very fine by me, as Fall is my favorite time of year. I have been really busy, and therefore no time for posting blog entries.
I decided I should do an update since it has been nearly 2 months again since my last post.

We are still in the talking stages with a contractor about building us a house. We have been having to do a lot of legwork to get him the needed figures he needs to generate us a proposal. We will not be building until the Spring at the earliest. Winter will be here much too soon, and even though this contractor builds in the Winter, it will be too much for us to keep the 5 ft of snow we will get under control. I hope to post very soon that things are in motion, and we will be in our house finally next year!!!

I have been working hard on our website hoping to generate some more traffic to the site. It has the potential of doing really well if we can just get it to where people can find us easily.

I have also been crafting, and selling at the local farmer's market. I did ok with my sales, but not enough to keep it up for a few more weeks. I have decided instead to take a break from going on Saturday, and get ready for the Christmas markets in late November, and early December. I have however set up an online shop on to sell my handcrafted items. I am currently making barrettes, zipper charms, pins, and some fridge magnets. All of the pieces are made with buttons. I am really enjoying the time to create, and express my creativity through my work. You can view my shop here- Cariboo Butterfly Crafts.
I have only added a few items,but have a lot more to do yet.

In addition to doing all this, plus keeping house, and being mommy to Molly, and wife to Greg, I have also been doing a lot of charity work online as well. We donated our services, and built a website for a foundation we are now a part of as board advisers. I volunteer my time to do all the website maintenance and update the site for them. It has been a rewarding experience, and It makes me feel good that I am doing some good in the world. If you want to see the work I have done, and see what Okala Foundation is all about, take a look at Okala Foundation

Molly turned 2 in June, and is now 3 ft tall, or taller, and at least 35 lbs!!! She is going to be much taller than her mama that is for certain!! She has started back to StrongStart which is a free government provided program that is held at the local school. It is a structured program that prepares the kids for kindergarten. They have free play time, snack time, circle time, crafts, gym, library, and story time. It is really neat, because it is a drop in program, and you go when it works for you. We have also signed Molly up for a toddler gymnastics class. She starts on the 18th of this month. It will be for 13 weeks. We are looking forward to this ,as Molly loves to do flips. She really loves to play with balls, so we know for sure she will be into soccer. I recently purchased her a toddler basketball goal, and she loves it! She has several different size balls, and she will try to gather them all up at the same time, and then she will toss them, and try kicking them around.

Molly is really advancing in her language skills. She has known her abc's for quite some time, and she can count to 12 in Spanish, and 20 in English already. She also knows several words in Spanish,and can say hi in 4 languages. What is interesting about the Spanish is she knows it is different. If you ask her to count in Spanish she will do so...she knows the difference. Last night in the bathtub, she had 3 turtles, and 3 frogs, and she lined them up on the tub and counted them out in English, and then in Spanish, all on her own. She has so many words in her vocabulary, and knows some words by sight. She knows that c-a-t spells cat. It is really amazing to see her grow. She knows some shapes, and colors already as well. It is funny though, we still sometimes have no idea what she is saying!:) Especially when she gets excited....which is a lot. I just wished I could potty train her!

Greg is busy with work, and is doing really well. He has traveled a lot this year, but that has slowed up for now. He is also going to start taking some classes online with Athabasca University next month to get a degree in business or something. I can't remember exactly.

So, you can see why you don't hear from me that often. I certainly wished I had more time to keep in touch properly. These days you will find me updating, and posting pictures on Facebook. It is a great tool for keeping in touch.

I hope that this finds you all well in your parts of the globe.

Friday, July 25, 2008

On Hiatus

Well, it has been a busy 2 months, and it is still busy. We are no closer to having the house, than the last time I posted, so I don't think we will have a house this year, unless we buy one.

I am busy working on a new venture. I am crafting, and selling at the local farmer's market. Last weekend was my first Market. I did ok, but not fantastic, but at least I got some marketing done, and I had lots of compliments. I am hoping that if I do well locally, that I might try to sell online. I might do that anyhow.

Anyhow, I am simply way too busy these days to blog, and I hope that next time that I get to post that it will be great news about selling lots of my creations. :)

Hope all is well in your parts of the world!!

A sample of Cariboo Butterfly Crafts

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moving Forward....finally!

Greg, and I have been dreaming about having a home of our own for the last 5 years. We started out by purchasing 5 acres of land in 2004 with dreams of building a home there one day. Well, a year and a bit ago we moved up to the town where our land is here in Quesnel, BC. We rented an older townhouse in town, and we started some minor clearing, and put a drive on the property last year, but didn't get much else accomplished.

Winter set in November 1st, and so did the snow, and the snow stayed up until about a month ago. We actually still have snowy spots here, and there up in the shady parts of the property. Greg actually thought we could get some stuff done this winter, but was rudely awakened by the amount of snow we got. At least 4 feet or more stayed the whole winter at our place, and most of the higher spots.

Greg has been researching cordwood masonry for the last 5 years, and we had hopes of building us a cordwood home ourselves. I was skeptical that we could do it ourselves, but I was willing to give it a shot. Well, we have been muddling over plans, and more plans, and trying to decide what we wanted to do, and up until about a month ago, we were still set on doing a timber frame with cordwood infill. We even met with a timber framer. Having a house still seemed so long away, even years if we had continued on the path we were.

We finally decided to go to our credit union to see what kind of money we could get for a building mortgage. They came back to us with a decent figure, and not way off of the charts too, and within our limits. Until we got a ballpark figure, there was no way we could even decide on what we could afford to build. So now we are getting somewhere....We had talked about house kits before, and played around with putting a trailer on the land until we could build, and all kinds of alternative housing until we could build our cordwood home. This just made things more complicated.

So we revisited the house kit idea, and decided that with Greg's work schedule this year often having him out of town, that we would should do a house kit instead. This would put us on our land in a reasonable amount of time, and not years from now.

I had only wish we decided this a year ago! :)

So we have been looking at house plans, and we have looked at lots of websites, books, and magazines. Greg found a plan he really liked, and I sort of liked it too, but it just wasn't giving me that "I really love this house" feeling.
I was looking through another magazine the other night, and I found a plan that I really loved, and the house was very nice. I showed Greg, and he really liked it too.
Unfortunately the company that produced it was in Tennessee.

We decided to contact log home builders in the area to see if anyone could reproduce this house, and fortunately a local builder right here in Quesnel answered our email with a very positive yes, I can help you response. So we are going to make an appointment to meet with the builder, and hopefully everything will continue to fall into place.

I am very hopeful, and optimistic that we will be in our own home in the near future. I think the Fall sounds good to me, but we will see.

Here is the link to the floor plans, and a sketch of the place online, and this is a photo I took of the picture in the magazine.
House Plans

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Burma Cyclone

I have been so busy over the last several days, that I had not heard about the cyclone that hit Burma until now. Such epic devastation to the country of Burma, and the world. 100,000+ dead and one million homeless, aid is slowly making its way to victims of cyclone Nagris in Burma. Please donate to your local Red Cross, or Doctors without Borders to help.

As for what I have been up to as of late....lots of online charity work.
I have been very busy working on Okala Foundation's website, and setting them up a cafepress shop.
Please take a visit over to There are a couple of fund raisers going on, and then the new merchandise sporting various Okala Foundation logos. You can view everything new going on listed under the recent posts section at the bottom of the main page.

Spring has finally sprung for the most part, and I for one couldn't be happier about it. I am ready for color, and warmth.
I hope all is well in your world.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And you wonder why such a high percentage of people are overweight....

Well, I think mostly in part that in order to eat healthy you have to shell out some extra green stuff. Since we have been on the South Beach Program, and eating much healthier, our grocery bill has sky rocketed. This is really kind of disheartening. You would think that it would be the other way around , so that eating junk would be discouraged if it cost too much. No wonder a high percentage of the population is obese. Very sad indeed. If anything could be done to make people healthier, make it affordable to eat food that is good for you.

Happy Earth Day!!!

Make everyday Earthday!! Do your part by conserving,renewing, and reusing. Plant a tree, a garden, clean up litter along the road ways, turn off lights when not in use... there are so many things you can do to help save our planet!!! This is my reason for making this world a better place. She is 22 months old, and she is my future.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well, I have been busy with various projects over the last little while, and Molly just got over a case of roseola. So I have been pretty busy. Greg left today for the states for work for 16 days. I hate when he goes away, but this is hopefully the last trip to the states for work. The other trips will be within BC, and Alberta, and hopefully Molly, and I can accompany him on some of those trips.

I have a ton to do it seems, and I just don't know where to begin. I feel I need some "me" time, but I don't know when I will get it. I have some little breaks here, and there, but nothing specific. The crafting, and knitting is coming along, and I keep practicing the knitting.

Well, I need to do some things, just wanted to poke in and say hello.
I hope all is well in your parts of the world.

be sure you hop over to see my new blog
right action

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am over the moon!!!

As of this morning, I have lost 11.6 lbs on the South Beach diet! I don't feel like I am dieting at all. :)
I am on my way to a leaner, healthier me, and I am happy about that! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I have added a new blog

I have started a new blog. Please take a trip over, and take a peek. :)

Right Action : a page dedicated to making a difference, helping those that need our help, and to make this world a better place to be.

Right Action

Happy Dreary Snowy Easter

Well, today feels like winter instead of the coming of spring. :( It is overcast, cold, windy, and now it is snowing. :( So much for taking nice pictures outside today.
Hope it is nice, and springlike where you are.

Friday, March 21, 2008

World Water Day

World Water Day March 22
"The Walk for Water is inspired by the example of women in water stressed countries who often walk 6 miles each day just to get water for their family."

"Join us as we take action to address this critical global problem. Major events and activities are being planned in New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle as well as select local communities. Walk for Water in your city or virtually, and please help us spread the word."
"If there is not a Walk in your area, you can join the global "Virtual Walk For Water". We’ll include your name in a symbolic water jug to be carried by a participant in one of the local Walk for Water events." - World Water Day

Wanting to make a difference...

As of late I have been doing charitable work through the power of the internet. Just take a look at my web page, and you will see all the things I am currently involved in.

Just today, Greg, and I are helping a new friend Tamara Davy we met on Facebook. She has started a foundation, the Okala Foundation to help the children, and people of Cameroon. We are going to set up her website as our contribution to helping her get her foundation out there beyond the walls of Facebook.

She had a chance to volunteer with a chimpanzee sanctuary in Cameroon, and had a chance to get to know the people of the villages there in Cameroon.

Last year she found sponsors for 57 children, and provided them with school supplies, and books. This year she is raising funds to build them a new school.

She is also collecting prescription eye glasses for the villagers as well.

If you want to donate eye glasses or donate money to help build the school, please drop me an email, and I can forward her contact information to you.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A state of mind...

I have had a change of mind...I don't know why it has taken me this long to realize that eating healthier, and eating wisely makes you feel good physically, and mentally. We have been on the South Beach diet now going on 3 weeks. We just entered phase 2, and we are now able to introduce things we were restricted to eat during phase one...namely fruit, and starches. I have felt better than I have in years, and I am eating my veggies daily, and lost about 5 lbs so far. South Beach isn't so much a diet as it is a tool to retrain the way you think about eating. It gets you ready for eating for the rest of your life.

I have been watching a lot of things on tv as of late, and have found out just how bad refined wheat products are for you. We had pretty much decided to start eating nothing but whole wheat, and whole grains before we started South will no longer see white pasta, flour, rice, or bread in our house.

We even cleaned out our pantry of the bad stuff. It is going to be hard to never eat a doughnut, or cake from the grocery store again, because they taste oh so good, but they are oh so BAD for you, in more ways than the obvious. I have never been a big fruit eater, but I think I will be able to manage a sweet tooth with some berries, and fat free sugar free yogurt. :)Splenda is my new best friend. :)

Anyhow, I am feeling pretty confident that this is just the beginning to a much healthier life. :)
You really are what you eat!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

I have been on the South Beach diet now for the last week, and I have shed 4.6 lbs!!!
I am so excited that this will be a life altering event for me! I am really liking this program.

Monday, March 03, 2008

This chaps my ass!

Extremists claim to be doing good for what they believe in...extremists are pollutants in my eyes. You can get your point across without doing more harm... Violence, and crime is not an answer. There are many things in this world I do not agree with, or am happy with, but resorting to harmful, potentially deadly actions is not my idea of how to fix a problem. This environmental extremist group in the Seattle area decided to blow up some of the Woodinville Street of Dreams houses because they claim they were not "green" homes. Whether they are green or not green, using chemicals, and the burning of things that release harmful pollutants into the air sure didn't help the environment!! What a bunch a freakin' retards!

Read this storyhere.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Make Poverty History Campaign

I just saw an advertisement on tv for this website.
All celebrity cast...quite compelling.
When you sign on to the Make Poverty History campaign, your name is added to the list of a quarter of a million Canadians who are asking our elected representatives for:

* More and better aid
* Trade justice
* Debt cancellation
* An end to child poverty in Canada

Your voice will be united with millions around the world committed to making poverty history.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Causes Revisited.

I am a facebooker, and I have become quite an enthusiast of charity applications on there. I am a loyal clicker on the hungersite, and all it's affiliates. It makes me feel good that I am making some small difference in the world for someone not as fortunate as me. I hope also that I can make a much bigger difference by recruiting others to do the same. I have been doing this for a while, but I have been going strong 26 days in a row! I am going to try to do this everyday that is humanly possible.

All it takes is one click per day. A few minutes out of your day to make a difference in the lives of someone that needs our help.

For each click you provide the equivalent of 1.1 cups of food to the hungry.
For each click you are helping provide a free mammogram to a woman in need.
For each click you you are helping a child in need get health care.
For each click you are helping a child attain literacy.
For each click you are helping to protect 11.4 sf of rainforest.
For each click you have given the value of .6 bowls of food to a rescued animal.
100% of sponsor money goes to charity.

They also have wonderful items for purchase in their online store that goes toward the cause.
The hungersite provides a pie chart, and other information to show you how people are making a difference by purchasing items, or clicking.

Each click provides 6 days access to fresh water.
Each Click provides the tools for a village to feed itself.
Each click provides 2 days access to education.
Each click helps finance a $100 loan for a day.

Greg, and I are both supporters of as well, and have helped entrepreneurs in developing countries by donating $25 in micro loans, that will be repaid to us. Once the loan is repaid, we can turn around, and use that same $25 to help another person get their business off the ground, and make a difference.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A post with no real title...

I went to the store this evening with Molly to get a few groceries. As usual Molly is very social, and loves to say hi to people. Some are taken aback, and if they don't respond the first time, she promptly says hi again. she always gets a response back, and usually a compliment or two...mostly about her beautiful blue eyes, or her big smile. In my experiences if you say hi to someone, and they don't respond, you move along.

Growing up in a small Alabama town, I was raised to be polite, and speak when spoken to. People greeted each other on the streets, and in most cases you will see many people you know. You stop for a moment to exchange hellos, and well wishes.

When I moved to Vancouver aside from a few rare occasions, I found people in the city to be stiff, closed up, and sometimes downright rude. If you greeted them with a smile, and a hello, they look at you like you have the plague. Now, not everyone was like that, but a huge majority of them were. After some time, I stopped speaking at all to people passing by, and I closed right up. This did not make me a very happy person. In the city, you have so much at your disposal. It is a fast paced lifestyle, and many hunger for it. Not me...

When we moved to the BC interior nearly a year ago, I almost immediately noticed a difference. The people were nice, they spoke to you, and most will strike up a conversation with you if you don't do it first. Now, we live in a small town, but aside from small shopping inconveniences, we have everything we need. Including the kindness, and socialization that makes a community strong. People ask us why did you move to a small town in the middle of the BC wilderness? My answer would be because it gives me peace, it gives me hope, and it gives me what I need.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if we stayed in the Vancouver area. Would Molly be greeted with the same positivity that she gets here when she says hi to someone? In most cases probably not. I am glad that we moved here, and I am looking forward to a much happier, and healthier life here....
now if all this snow would just melt! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some relief, then more snow today...

Well, after my winter blahs post, we had a couple of nicer days in which I actually got to take Molly for a ride on her sled, and I got to take a nice walk. Today, however, it snowed like mad again, and we got at least 8 iches or more. The only good thing about it was that is was a wet snow, and I could build us a snowperson! :) I was thrilled. Our snow is usually powder dry...this was the stuff I was used too. :)
Won't make for a nice drive tomorrow though. :P

Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter Blahs!

Well, I haven't posted much lately, because I really don't have anything new to talk about. We are getting a bunch of snow as I type this, and that will be more than a foot inside of a week. It has been cold, and not much fun to be outside. So we have spent a lot of time indoors. We are currently under a snowfall warning. Everyone is tired of the snow, and say it is worst than last year. I for one am dreaming of warmth, and color. I guess we should have expected this moving further north, but didn't expect it to be this bad.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life is too short...

"Life is too short to wake up with regrets,
so love the people who treat you right,
forget about the ones who don't, and
believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your
life, let it."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What good is snow if you can't really do anything with it?

Well, something I have learned since moving to the BC interior is that the snow here is powder dry! The only thing you can do with it is sled down a hill, make snow angels, and tromp around in it. The ski, and snowboarding fanatics are in heaven though. But, you can't build a dam thing with it, meaning no snow people, no snowball fights, nada! That is just plain disappointing! Today the wind was really strong, and blowing the dry snow off the trees, and buildings making it look like it was snowing, and sometimes looked like whiteout conditions. It isn't snowing, it is just moving the stuff around.

Back home in Alabama, if we had a really good snowfall, we could make some damn mammoth snowmen, and talk about heavy! Snowball fights were treacherous because if one of those hit you, it hurt like hell, and left a red mark.

Anyhow, I guess I will have to learn to live with it, and I guess I will learn how to ski, or snowboard.......yeah, right! Now, I could have a blast on a snowmobile!