Sunday, October 19, 2008

Huge change in plans!!!!!

Been super busy in the house of Webster. I have been getting ready for the Christmas Fairs the last few weeks, been sick, and been a traveling....then
the last week has been a whirlwind of activity! We came up on a wonderful offer very suddenly, and we are going to BUY A HOUSE!!! I am so stoked about this. We sign the papers on Tuesday at the bank, and just waiting on the inspections which we are expecting to be just fine.... then in 1 month we close, and we will be house owners!!! The house is on 5 acres, so we will likely sell our other land, and the great part is that it is a 10 minute walk, and a 1 minute drive from the land we already have!!! More details once everything is in place. You can't imagine how happy I am about this! I have only been waiting a zillion years for a place of my/our own. We got a great deal, and we have slowly realized that building was going to be way more than we could afford. Details to come, stay tuned.....

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