Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Life in the Bush

Well, I guess you could say we live in the bush, there isn't even a street light near our place . So at night it is truly dark!! I remember the first night, that I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face until my eyes became adjusted to the dark. I get around ok now, and I think we sleep a lot better now because it is dark, and soooooo QUIET! No street noise, no show offs racing down the street, no sirens, no noisy drunks, just peace and quiet. It is heaven. The sun rises through my kitchen window and it is so beautiful. We haven't seen any big wild life yet, though I hope we see a moose at some point, definitely deer. I have seen a very large red headed woodpecker a few times.

I am slowly getting things sorted out with the unpacking and hope by this weekend I will have most of it done.

We don't have cable here, and opted not to get satellite. So we pick up one channel on the antenna, and that is E channel. Of all channels why the heck is it Entertainment tv? You would think it would at least be PBS. So Molly watches a lot of DVD's. I am getting sick of the same old ones, and I have got some ordered, and a friend is suppose to burn us some dvd's of 24 hrs of Treehouse TV. In the warmer months, we will be spending lots of time outside, so no need for the tv at all really....though Molly gets bored with playing sometimes , and wants to watch her "deedle d" as she calls them. :)

We have a gizmo we use through Telus to get our high speed internet over cell signals, and it is kind of pricey, but since the internet is my link to the outside world, it is important to us for personal stuff as well as business.

I have ordered a steel jeweler's block and hammer, and hope to learn to work with wire more, and explore my creativity.

So many plans ahead!


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Sonja Newcombe said...

Wow, it sounds wonderful!

I have a street light that reflects the shadow of my motorbike onto our bedroom blinds. Since we still don't have a garage, it at least tells me it hasn't been stolen. :)

As to hoons, well, someone was doing a burnout or something last night. It irritates me when they do that.

Feels good to have your own home, doesn't it?