Saturday, December 20, 2008

Living in a Deep Freeze

Well, the past week, and a bit we have been in a deep freeze here in Quesnel. It is currently -30C/-22F this morning. That is some kind of bitter cold. It is life as usual though because you have to keep on keeping on. Where I am from, if it got this cold, everything would be shut down. Milk, and bread fly off the shelves at the smallest mention of snow. Here is it life as usual for the most part. We just bundle up , and go. Greg, and I had to bring in some more fire wood, and shovel a different path for our wheelbarrow yesterday, and by the time we were done we both looked like victims of the Titanic, or some frosted over explorers of Mount Everest. My breathe froze the hair surrounding my face, and Greg's goatee, and mustache was full of chunks of ice. I got a vision of what I would look like with white hair, and what I might look like in 15 yrs. I would have taken a picture, but didn't really want to bring the camera out in that kind of cold.

It is going to be this cold for at least the next week. It is amazing that it has to be at least -40C for a week or more to kill off that stupid pine beetle....they apparently make their own antifreeze from the pine sap.

Well, Christmas is nearly here, and we have just gotten our tree last night. I am going to decorate it today. We were going to just cut a tree off our land, but there is so much snow, and so cold that it is too brutal a task. So we purchased a cut tree from a guy that had been bundled up all day, and in the cold since 7:30a.m at the Walmart parking lot. Poor guy....the things people do to earn a living.

We are going furniture shopping today, and I hope to finish up the last of the unpacking in the kitchen today,and all I will lack is my craft room, and a couple of things in Molly's room.

We hope you have a safe, warm, happy, and peaceful holiday!

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Anonymous said...

Yes it is a deep freeze at this time. One of the things I discovered in that country, however is that it can change dramatically in 24 hours, despite what the weather guessers might say.
Put some wood on the fire and curl up with a book. I recently read one that impressed me and I have to tell everyone.