Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What good is snow if you can't really do anything with it?

Well, something I have learned since moving to the BC interior is that the snow here is powder dry! The only thing you can do with it is sled down a hill, make snow angels, and tromp around in it. The ski, and snowboarding fanatics are in heaven though. But, you can't build a dam thing with it, meaning no snow people, no snowball fights, nada! That is just plain disappointing! Today the wind was really strong, and blowing the dry snow off the trees, and buildings making it look like it was snowing, and sometimes looked like whiteout conditions. It isn't snowing, it is just moving the stuff around.

Back home in Alabama, if we had a really good snowfall, we could make some damn mammoth snowmen, and talk about heavy! Snowball fights were treacherous because if one of those hit you, it hurt like hell, and left a red mark.

Anyhow, I guess I will have to learn to live with it, and I guess I will learn how to ski, or snowboard.......yeah, right! Now, I could have a blast on a snowmobile!

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Anonymous said...

hey, just ran across your blog when I googled 'Quesnel' and 'Cordwood'. We're moving back to that general area, and we were looking into building with cordwood, too. Nice to see others around there interested in it, too! There's a really neat cordwood house for sale about 40 minutes or so from Quesnel. It's got some... issues... so we couldn't swing it, but thought you might be interested. tahtsa@yahoo.ca