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Happy New Year!!!! 2008!

Well, another year is coming to a close, and we are approaching our first year anniversary in Quesnel in a few weeks. I can't believe where the time has gone. It has been a very fast year for us. Molly is 18 1/2 months old, and it is hard to believe in a few short months that she will be 2!!! Life really does pass you by in a huge hurry if you don't watch out, so live it to the fullest!

The year started off with Greg's job coming to a close, and our decision to make the move to Quesnel, BC where we purchased 5 acres of land in 2004. We packed up, and headed north on the 27th of February. Greg started work with West Fraser Mills near the end of March. He is quite happy with his job, and is doing very well. His job is going to be taking him to the southern U.S. in the coming days. West Fraser owns 13 mills in the states, and the majority being in the South. He will spend time in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Texas for the next few weeks.

There was still plenty of snow on the ground when we moved here, and it was a couple of months before we could really begin any work on the land. We got a culvert and drive put onto the land so we could access the property by vehicle. We got some clearing, and burning done on the property this summer, and we had the idea of building a shed before winter, but that didn't come to be . We had an area dug for the foundation, and that is far as we got. The cold weather came much to quickly, and we had our first snow fall on November 1st. We have to keep in mind that the warm season is much too short in these parts. As for our building plans, they are still in the planning stages, as we change our plans so often. WE are hoping to break ground this year, and start to build, but with Greg' s travel schedule we are not so sure what we are going to do just yet. So we will see.

On June 11, Molly turned a year old, and soon began to walk within a few days after her birthday. She is going full force now, and won't have it any other way. She is always on the move.....ALWAYS! She keeps Greg, and I pretty busy, and plenty tired. :)
She is really doing well, and is growing like crazy. She is already 32inches + tall, and nearly 29lbs! She is not a fat kid by no means, she is all muscle, and healthy.
She is starting to really develop her vocabulary, and can say quite a few words. Though she is still selective as to when she says them. She even will come up to you , and say what's that? That is a new thing. She is also trying to say her abc's, and count to 10. She is really doing well with that, and though she can't pronounce everything clearly, you can tell what she is trying to say, and she knows the order in which the letters, and numbers come. It is really amazing to see her grow, and develop. She is really smart, and such a joy.

I have been working on several crafts the last several weeks, and I am enjoying that very much. I am crocheting, and knitting both with a loom, and I with the help of my friend Melissa have finally taught myself to knit the old fashioned way. I am just beginning with that, and I have a whole lot to learn yet. I am very interested in quilting, and hope to start doing that too... Another friend of mine says where do I find the time?? I don't really find time, other things will, and do fall behind in the process. :) My friend Melissa, and I are going to do a whole bunch of crafting , and go to some of the local craft fairs later this coming year, and I am very much looking forward to that.

I have also been working on a couple of web projects, and we are still doing web hosting, and some computer contracting through our home business Webwise Network Services.

I hope to officially launch my free ecard website in the coming weeks. This is a project that we have stopped, and started a few times, but have not completed. I decided that the photos I have taken over the years would be much better served if they were in use. I am not a professional photographer by no means, but I enjoy it, and we both have taken some nice pictures.

I hope to get Molly involved in some recreational activities this coming year as well. I definitely want to take her to swim classes, which we have not done yet. She is still not quite old enough to do a lot of activities , but we do have some friends, and we are trying to get together some play dates more frequently. She loves to be outside!

I am still trying to get used to the colder temperatures, and the snow. We have had snow on the ground pretty much since the first part of November, and continuously since November 14th. We got Molly a toddler sled, and she really loves being pulled around on it. She however, does not like the fact that she has to wear a snow suit, or big heavy coats, and hats, or shoes, and socks for that matter. I think I am going to have to put extra strength Velcro on her feet!!

Molly, and I went to Alabama in mid November, and stayed until the end of the month. We had a very nice visit with friends, and family. Unfortunately, despite being there for nearly two weeks, we still didn't manage to see, and do everything we wanted, or visit with everyone. The trip down, as most of you heard was pretty hellish, and the fact I was traveling alone with a toddler made it even harder. A trip that should have taken about 12-14 hours turned into 48 hrs of frustrations, headaches, and stress. We made it through without me killing anyone, though I think I could have a few times! We had a nice time once we got to our destination though. Molly is a well traveled toddler already with a stamp in her passport. I didn't even get a passport until I was 31!

We returned home to -25C/-13F , and lots more snow. We were in the deep freeze for better than a week, the coldest night we had was -28C/-18F. It finally warmed up to -9C/15F for the daytime highs. It has since warmed up a bit more than that, but it is back down to about that again. We still have lots of snow on the ground, and have had new snow as well. It just hasn't warmed up enough to melt it. If I were to guess we have had several feet of snow fall already since November. We still have at least 4 more months of the white stuff, and from what I have heard, it will get much colder than -25C before all is said, and done. We won't see the first signs of spring until mid to late May.

We have been asked a few times when we are going to start on baby #2, and few of our friends are working on, and or awaiting baby #2 already! In the beginning we were telling people no way, no how, but since then we have changed our tune a little bit. This is not too surprising since we went into this marriage with the idea we didn't want children. I had a lot of trouble after Molly was born, and I am not so sure if mentally I could start all over with a new baby... though I think it would be nice for Molly to have a brother or sister. I think about having another baby a lot, and then I think I must be crazy! I think though because of my age,( I just turned 37 on the 26th) and my previous problems that if we do decide to have another child, that we will try to adopt. Nothing is set in stone, and we will see what our future holds for us. Only time will tell. :)

Greg, and I had our 5th wedding anniversary on the 16th of November, however we "celebrated" apart. I was in transit to Alabama, and he was in Alberta for work. It is hard to believe that I have been in Canada 5 years now. It seems only yesterday I hopped on a plane for Vancouver with no idea what was in store for me there. :)
I finally feel at home here, and we are both very happy.

Anyhow, we are really enjoying living in Quesnel, and are looking forward to what the new year has in store for us.
We want to wish you all a Happy New Year, and hope that the year brings you much happiness, and joy!!

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