Sunday, December 02, 2007

I am really in the Great White North!

Well, Quesnel is really living up to the title "The Great White North". It is COLD, and snowing. The temps have been dipping down into the -20's C for a week or more now.
This is my first "real winter" in Canada. We have had really cold weather in Alabama in years past,snow, and at least 3 ice storms in my lifetime. I have not experienced anything below 0 F before though. I have never seen ice crystals inside of a window before. The moisture on the inside of our storm windows is frozen solid, and it is so strange to see that. The locals say it is not usual for it to be this cold this early. Temps like this are more common in January, and February. So, I think we will be in for a long cold Winter. At least I will get plenty of practice with my crocheting, and knitting!!

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Southerner in the Great White North said...

Hi, Jen.

A friend stumbled onto your blog and passed the link along to me. I must say I thought I'd come up with a clever title, but clearly you beat me to the punch! Nice to know I'm not alone.

Anyway, I'm also from Alabama originally (Decatur), but now living in Toronto.

Just wanted to say "hi"--and hope you don't mind my unintentional copycat title.

Oh... Roll Tide or War Eagle?

cheers, Matt