Saturday, December 08, 2007

-26C this morning...

I am enjoying a nice cup of hot tea, and homemade banana bread this morning.
The deep freeze continues here. I finally bundled Molly up on Thursday, and went to Walmart just so I could air out. I don't like being cooped up in the house. I didn't have the camera handy , but Molly reminded me of little Randy on A Christmas Story in his winter bunting. She just laid motionless in her carseat, simply because she couldn't move!

I went out that evening to a party I was invited was an interesting feeling when the moisture in my nose started to freeze almost immediately upon going outside. I thought, oooh yuck snotcycles!

It is suppose to warm up a little bit next week. Instead of -19C for the high, it will be -9C :) Greg is going today to PG to get a block heater installed on the Subaru. I didn't have too much difficulty starting her up this past week, but the weather will get much colder than now, and I don't want to not be without a vehicle in case of an emergency.

Well, enjoy your weekend, and certainly hope it is warmer where you are! :)

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