Friday, February 22, 2008

Good Causes Revisited.

I am a facebooker, and I have become quite an enthusiast of charity applications on there. I am a loyal clicker on the hungersite, and all it's affiliates. It makes me feel good that I am making some small difference in the world for someone not as fortunate as me. I hope also that I can make a much bigger difference by recruiting others to do the same. I have been doing this for a while, but I have been going strong 26 days in a row! I am going to try to do this everyday that is humanly possible.

All it takes is one click per day. A few minutes out of your day to make a difference in the lives of someone that needs our help.

For each click you provide the equivalent of 1.1 cups of food to the hungry.
For each click you are helping provide a free mammogram to a woman in need.
For each click you you are helping a child in need get health care.
For each click you are helping a child attain literacy.
For each click you are helping to protect 11.4 sf of rainforest.
For each click you have given the value of .6 bowls of food to a rescued animal.
100% of sponsor money goes to charity.

They also have wonderful items for purchase in their online store that goes toward the cause.
The hungersite provides a pie chart, and other information to show you how people are making a difference by purchasing items, or clicking.

Each click provides 6 days access to fresh water.
Each Click provides the tools for a village to feed itself.
Each click provides 2 days access to education.
Each click helps finance a $100 loan for a day.

Greg, and I are both supporters of as well, and have helped entrepreneurs in developing countries by donating $25 in micro loans, that will be repaid to us. Once the loan is repaid, we can turn around, and use that same $25 to help another person get their business off the ground, and make a difference.

Even if you only have time to do it once a week, it still makes a difference.
Thanks! :)
Peace, and Love,
The Hunger Site

The Breast Cancer Site

The Child Health Site

The Literacy Site

The Rainforest Site

The Animal Rescue Site

Give Money
Give Education
Give Food
Give Water

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Tom said...

I clicked but it won't be enough to save the world though...