Monday, May 07, 2007

Shane's Wish

Shane is a little boy in Ontario that has leukemia, and his one wish is to receive the most birthday cards ever. His birthday is May 30th. His story has made the headlines, and been broadcast on the news. His goal is to receive 350,000 million birthday cards!!! There are only 22 days left until his birthday. (correction on amount)
Let's see if we can help him make his goal.

You can read about his journey, and get news updates here:

Shane's Wish

I am going today to get a card for him.


KCLau said...

I sent Shane a birthday card that can tranform into a racecar! Wish you will get something special for him :)

Jen said...

I actually got him a very cool Super Man card, it is like three times the size of a regular card. :)