Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A new page, a new life...

I have been A Southern Girl Discovers the Great White North since December of 2002. I have discovered, and I have conquered... well, I am not sure about conquering, but I feel at home here. :)

This is a turning point in my life, and therefore warrants a new page.

May 19th was my last working day for at least a year due in fact that I am about to become a mommy for the first time.

One chapter of my life is ending, and another one is beginning, and fear of the unknown is always a scary thing. The last time I left a job (though that was permanent) I married, and moved to Canada. It will be a bit strange to me for a while, all the more in a few short weeks I will have a beautiful new life to take care of. :)

I am looking forward to shaping , and molding this new page, and I hope that you, my family and friends will enjoy sharing with me.


Dana said...

Hey Jen! Welcome to Blogger! How many more weeks now 'til little one pops out?


Jen said...

Hey Dana, Only a short few...I am 35weeks 5 days today. :)

Anonymous said...

It seems that not long ago you were so eager to get a job and start working. And now very much looking forward to not working! But for a very good reason! Hope you have fewer spam problems with the new page.


Jen said...

I know!!! What's up with that? ;)
I should have a lot few spam problems, especially with the word verification.

D&A said...

I've been checking in on your site once in a while. Absolutely great news that you guys are having a baby!
Best of luck with everything.


(or Mysmask, once a regular lurker over on UF)