Monday, June 05, 2006

So Inconsiderate!!!!

Our landlady has these gardeners come in and cut the very small yard we have. They are in and out of here in like 15 minutes. They half ass do the job, and I have told her that they aren't very good in my opinion. They are suppose to be doing maintenance in the garden as well...not happening. Anyhow, because it is warm, I have windows open, and the back door open. Well, normally I don't mind the smell of a little gas, and fresh cut grass. I am sitting here, and I happen to look over, and see this man with his face covered spraying , what I believe to be weed killer all over the grass!! This is a first.

HELLO! I have windows open. They could have warned me before doing this. I smiled at the woman one day, and she just stared at me. I am not so sure they speak English... they never hang around long enough to find out.
I have a cat, and I am over 37 weeks I quickly shut the windows, but not before some of the smell got in. I am a little more than peeved about this. :(


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