Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Alleged Serial Killer Robert Pickton goes on trial

Once convicted, Robert William Pickton will go down in the history books as Canada's worst serial killer ever.

From Wikipedia " Robert Pickton is charged with the first degree murders of twenty-six women, and is implicated, as of January 28, 2004, in the murders of up to five more, many of them prostitutes from the Downtown Eastside district of the city of Vancouver. The British Columbia Crown Attorney has indicated it plans to bring at least seven more murder charges against him in the coming year, and new DNA evidence continues to be unearthed at his pig farm.

During the first day of his trial, January 22, 2007, the Crown stated he confessed to forty-nine murders to an undercover police officer posing as a cell mate. The crown reported that Pickton told the officer that he wanted to kill another woman to make it an even 50, and that he was caught because he was "sloppy""

There is no death penalty in Canada. This will be a long year.


Martin said...

'worst serial killer'.

He made it to 49. Doesnt that mean he is the best?

Bobby said...

Woah, that's awful. People like that should be studied carefully - what makes them tick? Is there like a brain scan or somethin they can do that shows weird spots or somethin in his brain I wonder...

Sorry, this is random, I know - I landed here through some weird search engine.

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