Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Missing the Southland...

Sometimes I really miss Alabama. Especially the sounds, and sights of the warmer weather. I don't necessarily miss the warm weather. In fact I don't miss the 90+F temps, and the high humidity at all that we get there in the warmer months. The spring tends to be balmy a bit too. Fall is the best though.

I miss the sound of the crickets at night, and I miss seeing the stars out at night. They do have stars here in Canada, but you have to drive a couple hours out of the city to see anything. I miss thunderstorms! Thunderstorms are really rare for this part of the country.

I miss southern cooking so much! I miss catfish, and chicken 'n dumplings, cornbread, and butter peas. I could cook chicken, and dumplings & cornbread myself, but nothing replaces my mama's home cooking.

Most of all, I miss my family, and friends.

British Columbia is so beautiful, and I love it here, but sometimes you just have to have that fix every now, and then. :)

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