Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Snow on the Ground...

Well, I just discovered that we have new snow on the ground. The lingering bits from the snow we had over a couple of weeks ago was about gone last night. This is our 5th snowfall of the season, and that is highly unusual for the immediate Vancouver area. Molly , and I have baby group today. I am really glad that it is changing over to rain as the temperature climbs above freezing today. I don't want to drive in the snow. Molly was up at 5a.m. this morning, which isn't too unusual. So after her bottle we go back to sleep on the couch. She will usually sleep until 8-8:30a.m. She woke back up at 7a.m.! I was not ready to get up. There's a new episode of Smallville on tonight. YEAH! :) I just love that show.

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