Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another blast of weird weather...

Well, the northwest is being slammed again with yet another cold blast weather system. It brought along strong winds and rain, and now snow. This area has been slammed with at least 4 major wind storms in the last 6 weeks. Leaving many people without power, and proper drinking water for quite some time.

Famous BC Place Stadium has been effected as well. A large rip in the canopy caused the dome to deflate...since then three more major tears have occurred. This lastest blast of bad weather won't help the repairs at all. The dome hasn't had a full deflate since it was built 24 years ago.

The wind storm yesterday was insane. I went to Costco for a few things. I had left Molly at home with Greg, and I am so glad that I did. The wind was gusting up to 100km an hour. Carts were aimlessly blowing across the lot, and hitting cars. As people were leaving the store, lightweight items were blowing out of their carts. It was pure craziness.

We woke up to a few cm of snow on the ground. There has been so much damage the last few weeks, the area will take a while to recover, and lots of money to make repairs. Legendary Stanley Park has lost thousands of trees this past 6 weeks or so. I know Vancouver Island, and the North Shore has had a harder time of it than we have in Richmond. We have been lucky that we haven't lost power here, and we only had to boil our water a couple of days.

Apparently, it has been bad for the entire province. Blizzard conditions have roads closed all over. I tell you this is the weirdest winter I have experienced since moving to Canada.

I have family in nearby Washington State, and they haven't been spared either.
I know they have had to run their generator for days because of power loss, and they are enduring the same system we currently are.

Pictures taken tonight:
More Snow

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